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I have a scrolled composite ,it contains a tableViewer. My requirement is that if the table is increased in width,the scroll composite should not show horizontal scroll ,but it should expand to fit table's size. The only reason I have used a scrolled composite here is I want to show vertical scroll bar.

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If you want to control the scrollbars of a Table in SWT - which is a sub-class of Scrollable - simply add one or more of the following styles in the constructor. If you construct a Viewer, the same styles are used.


Style constant for horizontal scrollbar behavior


Style constant for vertical scrollbar behavior


Style constant for no scrollbar behavior

When neither H_SCROLL or V_SCROLL are specified, controls are free to create the default scroll bars for the control. Using NO_SCROLL overrides the default and forces the control to have no scroll bars.

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My problem is when I resize the table the parent copmosite is not resizing accordingly,but it is trimming the table ie it doesnot show full table. –  Prasad Sawant Oct 13 '11 at 7:29
What is the used layout of the parent Composite? Consider use GridLayout and a GridData(FILL, TOP, true, false) for the table itself. –  Tonny Madsen Oct 13 '11 at 9:17

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