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I am using SimpleGeo for business places for my iPhone, simply

The Flow is iPhone --> PHP page --> --> SimpleGeo server. SimpleGeo Server response --> PHP page --> iPhone.

when Language of my iPhone is Chinese, then I want return data from SimpleGeo in chinese, how Can I?

the response of SimpleGeo is in English, so I want response in chinese, is there any way to do so, if not than any other possibility using Google Places API for chinese response from server?

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Not sure if SimpleGeo provides Places results in Chinese, but the Google Places API does.

It's just a parameter that you specify in order to return the results back in Chinese.

Certain parameters are required to initiate a Place Search request. As is standard in URLs, all parameters are separated using the ampersand (&) character. The list of parameters and their possible values are enumerated below.


language (optional) — The language code, indicating in which language the results should be returned, if possible. See the list of supported languages and their codes. Note that we often update supported languages so this list may not be exhaustive.

Here's a list of the languages that are supported by the Google Places API

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