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I am working with a WebGrid, and I would like to have an image or character like "^" "v" in the header showing the column with the sort order.

How can I do this?

This is the code of one of my Webgrids:

<div id="contenedor-gridACTIVIDAD">

        WebGrid gridACTIVIDAD = new WebGrid(Model.actividadDiaria, ajaxUpdateContainerId: "contenedor-gridACTIVIDAD", rowsPerPage: 20);


                 fillEmptyRows: true,
                 alternatingRowStyle: "fila-alternativa",
                 headerStyle: "encabezado-grid",
                 footerStyle: "pie-grid",
                 mode: WebGridPagerModes.All,
                 firstText: "<<",
                 previousText: "<",
                 nextText: ">",
                 lastText: ">>",

         columns: new[]     {
                            gridACTIVIDAD.Column("contrato", header: "Contrato"),                            
                            gridACTIVIDAD.Column("Observacion", header: "Observación"),
                            gridACTIVIDAD.Column("DESCR", header: "Tarea"),                            
                            gridACTIVIDAD.Column("FECHA", header: "Fecha",
                            format: (item) =>
                                    return item.fecha.ToString("dd/MM/yyyy");

                            header: "ESTADO",                            
                            format: (item) =>
                                if (item.estado == "VC")
                                    return Html.Image("/Imagenes/vc.gif","Validado correcto", new { @border = "0"});
                                else if (item.estado == "VI")
                                    return Html.Image("/Imagenes/vi.gif", "Validado incorrecto", new { @border = "0" });
                                else if (item.estado == "NV")
                                    return Html.Image("/Imagenes/vp.gif", "No validado", new { @border = "0" });
                                    return Html.Image("/Imagenes/nv.png", "Pendiente validar", new { @border = "0" });

                            gridACTIVIDAD.Column("JDP", header: "JDP")



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I just did a google search on "webgrid sort indicator" and came back with a result from

Basically, the person uses jQuery to add in the sort direction image.

<script type="text/javascript">
    $('thead > tr > th > a[href*="sort=@grid.SortColumn"]').parent()
    .append('@(grid.SortDirection == SortDirection.Ascending ? "U" : "D")');

(As an added bonus, I just tested it myself, so you can copy and paste this code (the link one is a picture instead of a code sample :( ...) just replace the U and D with whatever you want to display instead.

Hope that helps.

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Thank you so much, this works Ok!! – cdiazal Oct 24 '11 at 10:05
@Skuld: this is not working if I remove the ajaxification of the webgrid (ajaxUpdateContainerId: "contenedor-gridACTIVIDAD"). (As the header column will not hold the link values) Can some one tell me how to display sort icon using jquery (along with ajaxification of webgrid). – HKGR Feb 24 '12 at 15:22

I've solved this issue on server side using HTMLAgilityPack.

This is the code for the view:

WebGrid webGrid = new WebGrid(Model.myModel, defaultSort: "title", rowsPerPage: 20);
IHtmlString webGridHtml = webGrid.GetHtml(
                columns: webGrid.Columns(
                    webGrid.Column("id", "ID"),
                    webGrid.Column("title", "Title")
@Helper.GetExtendedWebGrid(webGrid, webGridHtml);

And this is the code for the Helper class:

    public static IHtmlString GetExtendedWebGrid(WebGrid webGrid, IHtmlString webGridHtml)
        HtmlString result;

        string webGridHtmlString = webGridHtml.ToString();

        HtmlDocument htmlDocument = new HtmlDocument();

        HtmlNode htmlNodeAnchor = htmlDocument.DocumentNode.SelectSingleNode("//a[contains(@href,'" + webGrid.SortColumn + "')]");
        if (htmlNodeAnchor != null)
            string imgSortDirection;
            if (webGrid.SortDirection == SortDirection.Ascending)
                imgSortDirection = "asc";
                imgSortDirection = "desc";
            HtmlNode htmlNodeIcon = HtmlNode.CreateNode("<img src=\"/images/" + imgSortDirection + ".png\" width=\"10\" height=\"10\" />");


            webGridHtmlString = htmlDocument.DocumentNode.OuterHtml;

        result = new HtmlString(webGridHtmlString);

        return result;
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A cracking solution, most solutions for this rely on javascript, this solution works even if js is disabled in the browser. – Leigh Ciechanowski Jan 21 '13 at 14:55

This page has a very simple example of how to implement the sorting arrow or images, when using the WebGrid with AJAX.

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