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Well, I want to pass a string value from one file to another, how do I do that ? I don't want to save it to a text file and read it in the other one, I directly want to pass it to another c file .Thanks in advance.

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Like a function call? A definition? Copy and paste in the editor? – forsvarir Oct 13 '11 at 7:08
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maybe just a #define MY_STR "your value" will do the job.

just create a .h file and include in both your C files

#ifndef _MY_HEADER_H
#define _MY_HEADER_H

#define MY_STR "your value"


then in your sources

#include "yourfile.h"

and use your MY_STR as a constant (please note that MY_STR will be a macro)

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You probably want an extern char commonstr[] somewhere at the top (possibly in a header?) and a char commonstr[LENGTH] in one of the .c files. Then commonstr will be available throughout your project.

There is an awesome post about extern variables in C.

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