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We are using a basic python log server based on BaseHTTPServer to aggregate our python logs on an ubunutu server. This solution has fulfilled our needs... until now. The number of programs dumping to this log server has grown and now the logger is crippling the system.

Now that we are back to the drawing board, we are considering using syslog.

Would it be advantageous to use syslog over other logging facilites.

Thanks for the help

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Using syslog might be simple and fast, but it cannot give you full control over how your logs are aggregated.

Your main problem now is using BaseHTTPServer, which was never meant to be used on a production server, or for anything needing high performance.

I see two options:

  1. use a better http server with wsgi support, together with mini web framework (we are using gevent+bottle, but http://nichol.as/benchmark-of-python-web-servers is a well written comparison of solutions)
  2. use a message queue. this will mean more changes in your code but is a dedicated solution for your problem (and more efficient). (we use rabbitmq but check google or http://www.darkcoding.net/software/choosing-a-message-queue-for-python-on-ubuntu-on-a-vps for comparisons)

Edit: A dedicated solution that supports message queues is logbook. It can also be used as direct replacement of the standard library's logging module.

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excellent links, I've slowly been beginning to look into both of those topics. I understand what you are saying about syslog being limited... but aren't there other flavors of syslog that open up better control? The logger we will using is in a distributed environment so control over aggregation and message distribution is a must. I have considered message services, but I am really looking some something more fully baked for logging. Have you any experience with scribe? –  sbartell Oct 14 '11 at 6:12
I knew the limitations of BaseHTTPServer, but threw caution to the wind thinking I would never see these limits. ha! –  sbartell Oct 19 '11 at 15:51
It depends on what is more important, pure speed or flexibility. If you only need speed than syslog-ng or scribe should be the best option. I personally prefer flexibility. Logbook is a newer project that support both python logging interface and message queues. I have edited the answer with a link –  Mihai Stan Oct 19 '11 at 17:36

Not sure why HTTP is needed but this surely adds an overhead. Not to mention that the python implementation might not be up to the task. I can recommend syslog , but beware that using UDP for transport can result in message loss so TCP is highly recommended. syslog-ng and rsyslog can both handle TCP syslog. nxlog can too, and is not even bound to the syslog protocol.

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Agreed, HTTP is unnecessary. It was used in the logging package I chose some time ago before logging in this project was a huge concern. –  sbartell Oct 19 '11 at 15:47

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