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I have a ASP.Net button control in my page:

I have JQuery click event for this button:

$(':button').click(function (e) {
    if ($('input:checked').length == 0) {
        alert("Please select at least one option.");
        return false;

The function is called when OK button is called. However the server side event handler is also called. What am I missing?

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May I see your HTML code ? – kst Oct 13 '11 at 7:16
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Is your form using an <input type="submit"> ?

The $(':button') selector only selects <button> and <input type="button"> elements.

See api docs here.

If you want to stop the form submitting you are probably better doing:

$("form").submit(function () { return false; });

This is better because it will also handle a submit triggered by the Enter key for example.

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