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Is it possible to install multiple versions side-by-side with Homebrew?

I find myself in a situation needing sbt-0.7.x, sbt-0.10.x and sbt-0.11.0. I've installed both sbt-0.7.7 and sbt-0.10.1 manually at the moment to work around the issue (with sbt-0.11.0 being the latest 'sbt' from Homebrew).

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Yeah. When you install a new version of a package, it keeps the old one. The symlinks in /usr/local/bin or wherever point to the latest version, but you can still call the binaries (or link to the libraries) in the older version.

ls $(brew --cellar) to see what's installed. You can look in package directories to see all the versions; or call brew ls -v to see all packages and all versions.

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Thanks, that helps – Steven Shaw Oct 31 '11 at 4:42

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