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I am planning to use py2exe to distribute a closed source django based application. Psycopg2 is the only dependency with the LGPL licence, the rest are MIT or BSD based. Can I distribute my application with the psycopg2 binary included without having to release my source?

What is the consequence of the LGPL license in this case?

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I am not a lawyer, but as far as I can tell:

  1. LGPL requires that you to ship the LGPL-licensed Library as a replaceable unit. In other words, users must be able to recompile and replace the psycopg2 library in your program. So shipping the compiled Library as a separate module file seems like the prudent choice.

  2. If you make any changes to the psycopg2 library, you must allow anyone who receives the binary, to also have access to the modified psycopg2 source. But your own application can remain closed source.

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