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I am currently build the system which is lets user upload they shape files and converting it systematically to postgis by using shp2pgsql. With this command required to parse the epsg code. So I need a ruby gem tha can read the .prj and return as the WKT.

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I'm not sure how Ruby bindings work to GDAL, but OSR (part of GDAL) can extract either the projection WKT (text) or the SRID (integer).

See this gis.SE answer for a solution with Python/GDAL/OSR.

Update: It turns out the Ruby bindings work nicely as expected. To get you going, try this code:

require 'gdal/osr'

prj_fname = 'myfile.prj'
prj = File.open( prj_fname )

# Import the WKT from the PRJ file
srs = Gdal::Osr::SpatialReference.new()
srs.import_from_wkt( prj.read )

# Various exports
puts srs.export_to_wkt

puts srs.get_authority_name(nil)
puts srs.get_authority_code(nil)

If you need some other aspect of the projection, explore the available public methods:

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To use gdal with ruby we need to intall library called "libgdal-ruby". Here script that I work with osr spacial reference. sudo apt-get install libgdal-ruby. With irb we need to require 'gdal/gdal' and 'gdal/ogr'. –  sareuon Oct 17 '11 at 2:14
Yup, the GDAL/OSR bindings look good, but the documentation is sparse. You can normally translate examples from Python over to Ruby without too much hassle (just subtle differences in the method names). –  Mike T Oct 17 '11 at 7:09
How do you install this gem extension (the osr part)? I successfully installed the 'gdal' gem, I have all the firmware and so on installed in my mac. But not able to access the osr bit –  boulder_ruby Aug 6 '13 at 14:40

FYI, http://prj2epsg.org/ lets you lookup PRJ files and get the SRID / EPSG code.

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