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I'm using VisualStudio 2008. I have a html file in my win32 project. I wonder is there a way to access html resource files. Can anyone help with this?

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1. what do you mean by "access html resource files? would you like to embed the html file in the executable, and use it at run-time? 2. 14% acceptance rate is quite low, don't you think? –  eran Oct 13 '11 at 9:04
@eran 1.Yes i wanna access them at run time. 2. Yes. –  surendran Oct 13 '11 at 9:20

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Some code like this gives access to a resource

HANDLE handle = ::LoadLibraryEx("myapp.exe", NULL, LOAD_LIBRARY_AS_DATAFILE);
HRSRC resourceHandle = ::FindResource(handle,resourceId,"resourcename");         
DWORD   size        = ::SizeofResource(handle, resourceHandle);
HGLOBAL dataHandle  = ::LoadResource(handle, resourceHandle);
void* data= ::LockResource(dataHandle);
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