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i've got confused trying to change the map controls like said here But don`t know how to implement using gmaps4rails gem.

I just wanted to leave only zoom and pan control and remove all the others. But js console says for:

 >> false

But it is still present on a map.

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You can use a raw parameter to send any map option you need. See doc.

I guess, you should do:

<%= gmaps(:map_options => { :raw => '{ panControl: true,
                                       zoomControl: true,
                                       mapTypeControl: false,
                                       scaleControl: false,
                                       streetViewControl: false,
                                       overviewMapControl: false}' 
          :markers => { :data => @json  } 
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With the above raw options, i am able to hide every thing except terms of use. can you help me in hiding this terms of use link while rendering the maps? Thanks. – Sagar Bommidi Jun 10 '13 at 14:05
That worked great. thanks! – Mrudul T Oct 7 '13 at 20:53

If you are initialising with javascript (not with <%= gmaps %>), use

Gmaps.search_map.map_options.raw.streetViewControl = false;

More options here

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