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I am using a Master Page and added jQuery script references in the HEAD section. From the content Form, whenever I try to execute Response.Write, I frequently get this error:


Though I have found a way to resolve this issue for other sections of my code, I am still struggling when I have to fire jQuery code from code-behind .cs file.

I am using this way:

Response.Write("<script type='text/javascript' language='javascript'>$(function(){$('#dialog:ui-dialog').dialog()};</script>");

Is there any way to bypass this nasty error and use Response.Write?

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Response.Write() for outputting JavaScript can work, but it's a bit clumsy and prone to unintended consequences!

The next step up from Response.Write() would be using a Literal control as a placeholder and setting its Text property to your JavaScript string.

The 'better' way to do it is to use the RegisterClientScriptBlock() method (or RegisterStartupScript()) of the ClientScriptManager class. It's simple to use and ensures your script is 'visible' to the containing Page without conflicting with any .NET quirks.

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