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Why is Multiple Inheritance not allowed in Java or C#?

Can anyone explain why cannot we use multiple inheritance, multi-level inheritance, hybrid inheritance in asp.net C#, but Framework was built with reference to OOPS concept available in C++, C++ has multiple, multi-level, hybrid inheritance.

We can find the examples in many books of C++, i want know what exactly made us to avoid such types of inheritance, and due to this we started using, Interfaces, Shadowing, etc concepts in C#.

Any single detail will help me to research on this topic,


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@Murtaza: such feature was never removed from asp.net. It wasn't even removed from C#. It wasn't even removed from the CLR. It just never existed and has nothing to do with ASP.Net. This question as it stands will spread confusion only, which is why it should be edited or disappear: it has not future merit as it is now. –  sehe Oct 13 '11 at 9:24
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C# obviously supports multi-level inheritance though it doesn't support Multiple Implementation Inheritance directly but they do support Multiple Interface Inheritance. For further clarification look at this link. I hope this will clear your doubts. Cheers !!!

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