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I am programming in Delphi 7 on Windows XP. This part of the program is defining a caption for the opendialog and I have a really strange problem.

The code with the error is as below

od_cap := 'Select data set ' + intToStr(n_data_sets);

where od_cap is a string and n_data_sets is an integer. The error that arises is EAccessViolation at address 0040459a... I have narrowed the problem down to being caused by the inttostr conversion because it still crashes when I have od_cap := inttostr(2). The more strange thing is that first time it computes this line, it works but then crashes the 2nd time round every time.

I cannot think of any reason why this might be and I am not experienced enough to know any bugs that might cause this. I think this is all the information you should need but feel free to ask for more.

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Does the error also show when you assign od_cap := '2'? Is this assignment the first assignment in a method or your classes? –  Michael Küller Oct 13 '11 at 9:34
How are you creating the TOpenDialog? Are you dropping it on the form as a component, or creating it in code? –  Ken White Oct 13 '11 at 11:00
Voted to close. Asker thinks the question has to do with integer-to-string conversion, but it clearly doesn't. Asker appears to have deleted his or her account, so there's no chance of getting further information to clarify the question. –  Rob Kennedy Oct 13 '11 at 16:12

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IntToStr() does not raise an AV during conversion. What is more likely happening is the od_cap variable is not a valid String variable, such as if it is a member of an object that has been freed, so an AV occurs when it is assigned to.

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