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When I run the application from Flash Develop everything is fine, both in Debug and Release.

After the application is packaged and installed, I just get a black screen when run.

However if I add a 'debug' file to applicationDirecty\META-INF\AIR\debug the application runs normally.

What could be causing this? and how can it be solved?

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Double-check that you're putting the release (non-debug) SWF in the AIR package. Also, if you've just upgraded to AIR 3.0, try rolling back to see if that makes a difference. AIR3 has caused problems on some systems. –  N Rohler Oct 13 '11 at 15:55
It appears to be an sqlite db problem... –  davivid Oct 20 '11 at 10:40

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A debugging utility seemed to be causing the problem in the release build... removing calls to this solved the issue.

/** Gets the name of the function which is calling */
public function Log(prefix:String = "", suffix:String = "", params:* = null):void 
    var error:Error = new Error();
    var stackTrace:String = error.getStackTrace();     // entire stack trace
    var startIndex:int = stackTrace.indexOf("at ", stackTrace.indexOf("at ") + 1); //start of second line
    var endIndex:int = stackTrace.indexOf("()", startIndex);   // end of function name

    var lastLine:String = stackTrace.substring(startIndex + 3, endIndex);
    var functionSeperatorIndex:int = lastLine.indexOf('/');
    var ClassSeperatorIndex:int = lastLine.indexOf(':');

    var objectName:String = lastLine.substring(ClassSeperatorIndex+2, functionSeperatorIndex);
    var functionName:String = lastLine.substring(functionSeperatorIndex + 1, lastLine.length);

    trace(prefix +" " + "[" + objectName + "]" + " > " + functionName + " " + suffix);
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Open Run.bat and replace

set OPTIONS=-connect %DEBUG_IP%


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