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I've read about folder structure in Zend Framework and I wanted to put my application logic into correct place folder called models. I've also read that Zend by default uses Zend_Loader_Autoloader_Resource.

I've created subfolder My/Service and put there my php files.

Now I have copule of questions:

  • Should classes in those files should be namespaced?

File is put in application/models/My/Service/Page.php

namespace My\Service;

class Page extends Service {
  • How should I access this class in code?

    new Jubiler\Service\Page()

  • How prefixes and namespaces are related?

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There are manyways for this..if you follow the exact naming concentions in zend framework..the class will load automatically ..heres the way\ 1.In your config file add appnamespace = "Foo" If you have a File called Test.php in your library folder with a folder Bar (/libray/Bar/Test.php then the class name must be Foo_Bar_Test In this way you can autoload the class

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