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Here Malte talking about MT4 Server API. Could anybody tell me some simple "how to"?

  • where to get the DLL, install and run it inside the mt4 terminal
  • any known "protocol commands" via the API (as Malte told, it is undocumented)

So, i don't want reverse engineer the metatrader protocol, but want use the official api and need some more info about it.

thanx for any pointer in advance ;)

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I reversed engineered the protocol to the point where I realised that it changes slightly for each broker and can be updated on the fly with LiveUpdate.exe In short it is near impossible to reverse engineer a general reliable solution.

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Would you mind publishing what you found? –  Charybdis Oct 31 '13 at 20:49

Note: MT4 uses the standard FIX Protocol which is documented here: http://www.fixprotocol.org/

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would you, Joseph, kindly provide any relevant source citation confirming this? Thanks. –  user3666197 Jun 16 at 10:10

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