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I have this pattern configured in my routing.yml:


Now I want to omit the /{customer}/{site} part and rewrite it with a rewrite rule. Symfony already has a .htaccess with a rewrite rule. I modified it to

RewriteRule ^(.*)$ app_dev.php/foo/bar/$1 [QSA,L]

But when I point my Browser to http://localhost/content/42.html I get this Exception:

No route found for "GET /content/42.html"

I fiddled around a bit and found out, why this problem occurs: Symfony uses the _SERVER['REQUEST_URI'] variable to parse the request, but when you use mod_rewrite, the URL in this var is not the expected /foo/bar/content/42.html but content/42.html.

I could replace the app_dev.php with my own one and overwrite the REQUEST_URI but I don't want to hack Symfony.

Edit: Removing the /{customer}/{site} part from the routing config is no solution because I'm working on a multi customer/multi site application and I want to hide those parts via an URL, so that I can point my browser to and the apache rewrites this URL to /foo/bar/content/42.html.

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good that you asked:

Do sth like:


  pattern: /{customer}/{site}/content/{id}.{format}
  defaults: { _controller: TestBundle:Blog:view ,customer:foo, site:bar }

And don't touch the rewrite rules in .htaccess or app_dev.php at all

EDIT: For your updated question you will need this, too:


  pattern: /
  defaults: { _controller: TestBundle:Blog:view, customer:foo, site:bar, id:4 }

But this way the url keeps http://host/. I would use a welcome controller and then simply redirect from that to the other route... One Redirect should be ok.

To be more precise: You will need two routes and a controller just for redirecting to yours.

Please RTFM here:

and here:

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Thanks for your tip but this doesn't work for me, I clarified my question. Sorry for the confusing question. – prehfeldt Oct 14 '11 at 13:50
Good idea, thank you. – prehfeldt Oct 19 '11 at 7:59
@prehfeldt I think the solution is spot on, it should work. The actual problem is not with URL rewrite but with the way you have defined routing. I got confused with $_SERVER["REQUEST_URI"] as well but that's actually not the issue here. Considering your example of localhost/content/42.html Once the request hits app_dev.php or app.php, then symfony will look for route /content/42.html, so you need to define this route in symfony. – Ahad Ali Mar 20 '15 at 0:04

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