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I have multiple branches and for every one i have specific build process. How do i set up gated build process for specific branch?


Development branch -> fast for developers build process this has main intergation tests

Release branch -> checkin before production. contain load testing and records steps contains automated UI tests

Now for my development i want to run tests every time when developer commits changes. but i do not want release build to run every time.

How do i set this up?

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You need to have two separate build definitions: One building your 'Development' branch & one building your 'Release' branch.

Both can base on the same Build process template and their differences are:

  1. Dev-build targets in 'Workspace' the path of your development branch - Rel-build targets the path of your release branch
  2. (This is you main question) Trigger = "Gated check-in" for your Dev-build, Trigger = "Manual" (or some other) for your Rel-build
  3. Rel-build will probably be tasked with additional tests.

A basic walkthrough on how to setup a build definition in TFS2010 can be found here

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