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I'm trying to get some blocks of colour overlayed/burnt into video with ffmpeg. A bit like a watermark, I suppose but not a logo, just a block of color.

I've looked at using the drawbox function, which appears to me as if it's only applicable to creating images, not video. Alternatively, I could layer an image on the video.

Has anyone got experience with this sorta thing?

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It appears as though filters need to be in the build, hence why drawbox hasn't been working? Anyone to confirm whether drawbox will work for outlined is still a useful element of this question. –  waxical Oct 13 '11 at 12:02

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ffmpeg -i in.avi -vf "color=red@0.5:50x50 [c]; [in][c] overlay=10:10" out.avi

That should overlay a semitransparent red square on the video. See the documentation for color and overlay for more information.

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