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I have a QWidget and i need to do some actions (refresh a picture in widget) when resize event ends. How can i catch this action? I need to catch moment when user ENDs all his resize actions by releasing mouse button. It is not a good practice in my application to refresh image every pixel resized. It should calls only when mouse released and resize actions ends.

I am just tried to reimplement QMouseReleaseEvent to catch it, but it do not works when user presses on the border of widget to resize it. It means does not working in our situation.

Then i was tried to create my own QSizeGrip and insert it on the bottom of my widget, but reimplemented event QMouseReleaseEvent again did not work in it. Event did not generates any time user released mouse. I do not know why.

Anybody can help me with that problem?

Thanks in advance.

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Mouse events on windows decoration are managed by the underlying window system, this is why you can't catch them as you tried. I had the same issue once, the solution I chose was to (re)start a singleshot QTimer on each resize event, and only process the update after the timer interval elapsed. Not very sexy but I did not find any other workaround..

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I've do it in this way:

1.inherit my class from QWidget
2.define private variable int timerId = 0
3.overload QWidget::resizeEvent and QObject::timerEvent

void MapLoader::resizeEvent(QResizeEvent *){
    if (timerId){
        timerId = 0;
    timerId = startTimer(5000/*delay beetween ends of resize and your action*/);

void MapLoader::timerEvent(QTimerEvent *te){
    /*your actions here*/
    timerId = 0;
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Another way would be to install an event filter for the app and get all the events of the application, trap mouse press and mouse release and do not update the window in between .

"Installing an event filter on QCoreApplication::instance(). Such an event filter is able to process all events for all widgets, so it's just as powerful as reimplementing notify(); furthermore, it's possible to have more than one application-global event filter. Global event filters even see mouse events for disabled widgets. Note that application event filters are only called for objects that live in the main thread."

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You can subclass QSizeGrip with signals like clicked(), released(), ... and put it in the statusBar instead of the default sizeGrip then disable resizing from widget border.

So it may look like this :

    setWindowFlags(Qt::Window | Qt::MSWindowsFixedSizeDialogHint);
    statusBar()->setSizeGripEnabled(false);//Disable default SizeGrip in statusBar
    CustomSizeGrip *sg = new CustomSizeGrip(this);

    connect( sg , SIGNAL(released()) , this , SLOT(resizeFinished()) );//Refresh image...
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