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for a secure web application , How to clear an item in server Cache on Browser close.

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@Roman:small correction to the question i posted.I need to remove a particular cache item from server.using javascript may be useful. –  Vikas Kunte Oct 13 '11 at 12:39
@Vikas - you could save some identifier in your session object and when it has timed out - you could know what piece of data you should remove. I can't how javascript may be helpful - because when you close your browser - the javascript won't work. –  Roman Oct 13 '11 at 13:14

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You could try using the Session object and use it Session_End method to detect when the session is over and then do the cleanup.

More info about the session object you can find here - http://www.codeproject.com/KB/aspnet/ExploringSession.aspx

I'd use a small timeout so that the cache will clear almost immediately when the session is over. I might be wrong here - so if any one can help, it would be appreciated.

Good luck!

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