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i have a qmake file genrated by Qt creator. I am modifing it but i do not manage to understand how to create a variable.

for example i want to declare the library MYPATH as i did here:

MYPATH = /lib/aaa/bbb
unix:!macx:!symbian: LIBS += -L$(MYPATH)

when i run qmake i find in the generated makefile

LIBS = ....... -L$(MYPATH) .....

but the MYPATH variable is not declared anywhere.

Does anyone know how to declare properly such a variable?

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QMake uses its own syntax for variable references.

  • $$VAR => QMake variable's value at the time qmake is run
  • $${VAR} => QMake variable's value at time qmake is run (subtle difference)
  • $(VAR) => Contents of an Environment variable at the time Makefile (not qmake) is run
  • $$(VAR) =>Contents of an Environment variable at the time qmake (not Makefile) is run

Try it like this

MYPATH = /lib/aaa/bbb
unix:!macx:!symbian: LIBS += -L$${MYPATH}
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Not to forget $$(VAR) for Contents of an Environment variable at the time qnake (not Makefile!) is run –  fawick Jun 8 '12 at 12:03
So, what is the subtle difference between $$VAR and $${§VAR}? I've staring at each explanation and can't find a single difference... o.0 –  Adri C.S. Sep 22 '14 at 11:15
@AdriC.S. I believe they are exactly the same. $${VAR} exists to resolve cases like lib$$VERSION.dll. without putting it between curly braces lib$${VERSION}.dll, the variable will not resolve because it is not followed by a space or a slash. –  Zaw Lin Oct 8 '14 at 2:04
@ZawLin Thanks! I didn't know that. –  Adri C.S. Oct 8 '14 at 7:21

Other useful variable type: $$[...] This means "configuration option that were set when Qt was built"



This gives:

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