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I just installed XCode 4.2, according to to everything I have read ARC is turned on automatically, and you have to go to build phases and flag the files where you want to manage memory by yourself, which I have not done, yet it works like if I had.

The weird thing is that everything is still working fine for me, just like if I was still working with XCode 4, is this normal?. From what I read I am supposed to get thousands of warnings because I can no longer use release, retain and autorelease but I am not.

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Since ARC is a build setting, I don't know how it should be turned on by default. It's always on for new project but I guess you are talking about existing ones. You can check if it's turned on under BuildSettings (check All) Objective-C Automatic Reference Counting. Turn it on and you'll get your warnings :)

However, I would highly recommend using Edit->Refactor-> Convert to Objective-C ARC since it's more reliable than migrating you code by your own. You can still choose to chance certain files personally if you like.

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Could anybody enlighten me why this is voted down? Thanks – Phlibbo Oct 13 '11 at 23:30
Here's a detailed guide on converting to ARC… – pchap10k Oct 25 '11 at 0:52

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