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I am using OpenCV object detection for detecting eyes on an image. For this i used cvHaarDetectObjects and used the classifier provided by OpenCV(haarcascade_eye.xml). I ran the application through multiple set of images and for some images eyes are not getting detected. My observation is, if the image is not having enough lighting and if the complexion around eyes is dark in nature then eyes are not getting detected properly.

Here my question is, I would like to know whether this is a technology limitation of Haar Detection or is there a way to further improve this.

One approach i was thinking is to create a custom cascade xml using a set of positive and negative images using HaarTraining.exe. But before attempting this i would like to know whether the cascade XML provided by OpenCV is the most optmized one or not. If it is the optmized cascade classifier then there is no point in putting efforts on this direction

Thanks in advance

Regards, Sujil C

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It's a tough question to ask. it's quite oviouse that openCV has trained their classifier using the HaarTraining.exe , I presume that OpenCV are very promotional in what they are doing , I presume you'd not be able to create any significant improvement if you try to create your own eyes_cascade.xml –  TripleS Oct 13 '11 at 13:40
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