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void MySAX2Handler::startElement(const   XMLCh* const    uri,
                        const   XMLCh* const    localname,
                        const   XMLCh* const    qname,
                        const   Attributes&     attrs)
  char* message = XMLString::transcode(localname);
  cout << "first element: "<< message << endl;

I want to read attributes of that element, i am not able to display

ex. -

<person pname="xyz">
  <dept dname="abc"/>

I want to display attribute name i.e., pname and its value i.e., xyz

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for (int i=0; i< attrs.getLength(); i++)
    std::cout << attrs.getName(i) << std::cout << attrs.getValue(i) << std::endl;

I'll leave looking up by name and/or transcoding and/or namespace resolutions up to you :)

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thnx for ur help... –  anirudha mundada Oct 13 '11 at 13:57
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