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If they're the same, then why there are two of this kind of event?

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As you know, the onBlur event fires for an element if that element had the focus, but loses it.

The onFocusOut event fires in this case, but also triggers if any child element loses focus.

For example, you have a div with special formatting because the human is currently editing a field in that area. You'd could use onFocusOut to turn that formatting off when focus leaves that div.

Up until very recently, onFocusOut was only used by IE. If that has changed, it has been very recent. Test in FF, Chrome, etc.

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Nov 2012 update - Chrome still doesn't support onfocusout. jsfiddle.net/4n39h/1 –  Dan Dascalescu Nov 13 '12 at 7:37

The onfocusout event is a non-standard event that works only in Internet Explorer, while the onblur event is part of the W3C standards and works in every modern browser.

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