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I am developing application to save any online webinar(video or audio) given the url using ffmpeg library. Url usually contain other contents like text, images as well. So i have problem, how to separately get video stream from url using ffmpeg(or some other better free library). Url may be for any site, not only for youtube, but as an example, link may be like http://wildkingdom.magnify.net/video/Dangerous-Moments-in-the-Wild-K;recent or http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wnrJJYm7qIw etc Thanks for your answer

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Both of those are YouTube videos which can be downloaded with a JavaScript bookmarklet.


In case link dies, here is the code

function get_query_var(querystring, variable) {
  // vars is an array of name=value pairs
  var vars = querystring.split('&');
  for (var i=0; i<vars.length; i++) {
    var pair = vars[i].split('=');
    if (pair[0] == variable) {
      return unescape(pair[1]);

function get_quality(url) {
  switch (true) {
    case url.indexOf('itag=5')   > 0: return 'FLV 240p H.263';
    case url.indexOf('itag=17')  > 0: return '3GP 144p';
    case url.indexOf('itag=18')  > 0: return 'MP4 360p H.264 Baseline';
    case url.indexOf('itag=22')  > 0: return 'MP4 720p H.264 High';
    case url.indexOf('itag=34')  > 0: return 'FLV 360p H.264 Main';
    case url.indexOf('itag=35')  > 0: return 'FLV 480p H.264 Main';
    case url.indexOf('itag=36')  > 0: return '3GP 240p';
    case url.indexOf('itag=37')  > 0: return 'MP4 1080p H.264 High';
    case url.indexOf('itag=43')  > 0: return 'WebM 360p VP8';
    case url.indexOf('itag=44')  > 0: return 'WebM 480p VP8';
    case url.indexOf('itag=45')  > 0: return 'WebM 720p VP8';
    case url.indexOf('itag=46')  > 0: return 'WebM 1080p VP8';
    case url.indexOf('itag=82')  > 0: return 'MP4 360p H.264 3D';
    case url.indexOf('itag=84')  > 0: return 'MP4 720p H.264 3D';
    case url.indexOf('itag=100') > 0: return 'WebM 360p VP8 3D';
    case url.indexOf('itag=102') > 0: return 'WebM 720p VP8 3D';

var fv = document.getElementById('movie_player').getAttribute('flashvars');
/* Get url_encoded_fmt_stream_map, IT IS AN ARRAY */
var stream_map = get_query_var(fv, 'url_encoded_fmt_stream_map').split(',');
var a_elements = new Array();

for (var i=0; i<stream_map.length; i++) {
  /* Get URL, IT IS A STRING */
  var url = get_query_var(stream_map[i], 'url');
  a_elements.push('<a href=' + url + '>' + get_quality(url) + '</a>');

document.getElementById('watch-player').innerHTML = a_elements.join('<br>');
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