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I'm working on a website that requires a flash mp3 player. I have absolutely no idea the procedures from messing with flash/actionscript/flex etc., however I need to edit the flash very slightly (I need to add two lines of code). There are a multitude of tutorials out there for setting up a flash (or flex or whatever) development environment but, as my needs are so simple, I'd like to go a little more light-weight than that (also, many seem outdated). I guess what I'm saying is I'm looking for a simple way to recompile some existing actionscript (command line is a plus!). Does anyone have a trick up their sleeve to accomplish this?

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Download the free/opensource Flex 3 SDK. This includes an ActionScript3 compiler. Run the compiler like this:

mxmlc MyAs3File.as
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Thanks man. That's exactly what I needed, except I'm trying to compile something written in actionscript2. I assume this would produce errors? –  danwoods Apr 23 '09 at 3:13
Did you try MTASC? If that fails, find somebody with MacOS or Windows (or install it yourself in a virtual machine), and compile in Flash CS. A demo version is available at adobe.com. –  Ole Helgesen Apr 23 '09 at 20:15
mxmlc can only compile ActionScript3 class files and Flex MXML files. –  Ole Helgesen Apr 23 '09 at 20:17

There's MTASC for ActionScript 2.

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I'm under the impression they have actionscript 3 out now. Wouldn't I want to compile with the latest standards? What's the difference? –  danwoods Apr 22 '09 at 4:16
Yes, Adobe have released version 3, but MTASC supports only ActionScript 2, like it says on the webpage. –  Ben Alpert Apr 22 '09 at 4:26

You can compile it online here: http://wonderfl.kayac.com/. No mess that way.

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Thanks, site looks good. I'll try it when I get home... –  danwoods Apr 22 '09 at 3:00

I also wanted to say that swftools has exactly what you need. There is a swfc compiler which will compile as2 files. I would really recommend updating the source though. AS3 is much faster than AS2 and there are a lot of tools out there for example mxmlc and fcsh included in the open source Flex sdk. If you are looking for a full blown IDE there is a linux version of Flash Builder that was released as an open source port ... there are a couple other ones out there as well.

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General Linux

On linux you can get the source from swftools.org.

Debian / Ubuntu

On debian / ubuntu you can run

apt-get install swftools

Mac OS X

Not exactly 'linux' but on mac OS X if you have homebrew installed you can do:

brew install swftools

Great, but how do I compile the code?

One this is installed you should have a new utility that you can use to do:

as3compile MyAs3File.as


Please note this is not a 1:1 replacement for Adobe's compiler - there are some things that it does not support ( see documentation, FAQ, changelog at swftools.org ) but it worked well for compiling my simple actionscript.

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