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I have many activities with a scrollview inside a tablelayout. However, it is necessary a small design change, so I have to put a black transparent view over the whole screen from the top to the bottom. Is it possible to do it in the tablelayout or the scrollview?

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RelativeLayout allows for easy overlapping of views. You'll have to adjust the existing views in your app because it doesn't do anything automatically.


A quick way to do this would be to take your existing view (the ScrollView) that is already organized and put it in a top-level RelativeLayout. Then, all you have to do is add new view inside the RelativeLayout with the width and height both set to MATCH_PARENT. The result should be the black transparent view will be visible over the ScrollView.

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I normally use FrameLayout to achieve any kind of 'layering' of views.


  //your existing layout

    android:background="#33000000" />

As DeeV said, you can probably use RelativeLayout in a similar way, but you might have to set additional attributes on its children to achieve this.

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