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Following another question, I tried to use titles for unique identifiers, but eventually discovered that they are non-unique on the site I'm working with. However, each page includes a unique identifier in a comment.

Using Capybara, how can I access the comments on a web page? Specifically, a comment at the root, BEFORE the first html. Inside that, I can at least use capybara to grab the element containing the comment (even if I cannot grab the comment), but I don't seem to be able to do it from the root at all.

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Not an optimal solution, but at the very least this can be accomplished with by parsing the "body" of your current session directly with a regex or something.


will give you an array containing all the comments on the page.

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Having to address exactly the same issue you describe, I implemented the following custom RSpec Matcher

RSpec::Matchers.define :have_comment do |comment|
    match do |page|
      page.has_xpath?(".//comment()[.=' #{comment} ']")

It can be used as follows:

page.should have_comment("the comment text you are looking for")

The above implementation matches the whole comment body, including a space before and a space after it, but it should be relatively easy to modify it to look for arbitrary RegEx.

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