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I need to count number of clicks on specifics links in my site,and number of sent emails from visitors.

Question is:

I've already a table with products and it's description (which i want to count clicks),i thought I would extend this table and create two fields that make a click count and email sent.But maybe I can do it another way, creating a separate table that contains only two fields that make this count, by referencing the product ID.

What do you think that's the best approach?

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I would store the clicks and emails in separate tables, and not add them as new columns to the "products" table.

The data is logically different - "products" should contain the definition of a product. The fact someone's clicked on a link to that product is not part of that definition - it's an entirely separate event. As Ben says, it would likely also have a performance impact.

I can also see the requirement extending in the future - you probably need to be able to track clicks per day, or clicks per user type, or whatever; I'd consider just storing the raw data for clicks and emails in a table, and join it to the product table.

For instance:

table CLICK
id (PK)
product_id (FK to products)
user_id (FK to users, if that exists)

insert a record into that table every time someone clicks; to run your reports, you need to join back to product to get the description, and use count() and group by to get the right data out.

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If you're table for your products is just SMALL you can just add it directly there to avoid duplication of primary keys in separate tables, creation of separate stored procedures that would be used to access your table that would contain the click count and the table that would contain your product information, you could also avoid using join statements whenever you have to make a select statement that would need to the result from both tables and of course you can minimize data redundancy by doing that.

Another FYI a table with two columns are usually cross reference tables that is only ideal for storing relationship between related entities.

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Extending the products table with these fields is probably not a good idea, because the click and email counts will be updated very often, resulting in your products table (or at least some rows contained in it) to be read/write locked very often. This could result in a lot of latency when reading from the products table and a slow-down of your site. I would go the separate table route.

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Allan's right here. Latency will also be an issue if you are going to seperate the two tables. JOINING TWO TABLES is obviously much slower rather than a simple but very efficient select statement .

I would rather use:

 SELECT ProductID, ProductName, ClickCount, Email FROM tblProducts

rather than

 SELECT p.ProductID, p.ProductName, px.ClickCount, px.EmailCount
 FROM tblProducts p
 INNER JOIN tblProductsXRefClickAndEmail px ON p.ProductID = px.ProductID
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