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I ran into a problem with multiple Rubies on my machine while trying to use RubyGems. "which -a Ruby" revealed multiple Rubies, so i've imploded my RVM and want to cleanly re-install my Ruby / RubyGems / Rails setup.

Do you uninstall the Ruby pre-loaded on Mac OS X before setting up your RVM? Currently "which -a ruby" only returns the /usr/bin ruby.

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No, just leave it. It will be your system ruby which means that you can get rvm to use it with rvm use system.

This is of course only if your current ruby is working well. If you are installing rvm on top of two conflicted ruby versions I don't think it will play out well. I installed rvm on a clean install of Lion and it works fine.

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Thank-you, this makes sense with my feed back from "which -a" that somehow I had multiple Rubies from within RVM (or multiple RVMs?). Either way, I decided a fresh install would be better. I appreciate your help! – Jimmy Lyke Oct 13 '11 at 18:15

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