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I have a tricky requirement to be able to merge PPT files on-the-fly in ASP.NET.

I'd like to avoid interop as I know it's not a good idea from ASP.NET.

I came across Aspose.Slides which looks like it would do the job - quite pricey though.


Cheaper / simpler suggestions much appreciated!

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I'm sure someone may have one, but the Aspose products are nice and typically worth it from my experience. I understand everyone has a budget as well though. –  Doozer Blake Oct 13 '11 at 15:16

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If you're certain that you'll only need to work with the newer XML format files (PPTX/PPSX/etc), you may be able to do what you need to by working with the file contents directly. They're actually zips that contain XML and other related resource files. Possibly relevant example:


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