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I have an MVC application that consists of a directory with all the necessary files to run except the css and master view. In IIS, I have several sites set up that all use the same directory, but then have virtual directories set up for each site's unique css and template. This works very well, although I am now wanting to have a separate config for each unique site (for basic settings like site id to query my db, etc). I created new virtual directories for each site and added a config.xml in each, added the following to my global.asax.cs file in the application start method:

protected void Application_Start()

        //read in all the application variables from the config file on startup
        XmlDocument Doc = new XmlDocument();

        XmlNodeList VarLst = Doc.DocumentElement.SelectNodes("//AppVars/*");
        foreach (XmlNode VarNod in VarLst)
            RecursiveDescent(VarNod, "");
        string[] AppVars = new string[Application.Count];
        AppVars = Application.AllKeys;

        //How do I now use Application.AllKeys from a controller?

Now, I have my keys, but can't seem to figure out how to use them in a controller. Normally, if I was using the app settings in the web config and wanted to set my siteId, I'd just use:

int siteId = Convert.ToInt16(WebConfigurationManager.AppSettings["SiteId"]);

but now I want to use


but it's not like a webforms code behind that inherits from the page class and I'm not getting the concept on how to get the Applications settings in an MVC controller.

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As per this other question: Access "Application" object in ASP.Net MVC to store application wide variables

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