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Below is the aspect I am trying to create. I would like to combine two pointcut expressions into one. I have seen that this can be done using annotated pointcuts but the same syntax in the xml fails. can anyone help me?

  <concrete-aspect name="com.logger.aspect.InjectionLoggerImpl" 
    <pointcut name="loggingInterceptor" 
              expression="execution(* com.*..*.next(..)) || execution(* com.*..*.read(..))"/>
    <pointcut name="methExecInterceptor="some expression"/>

Thanks in advance

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Was about to post almost the exact same question. Did you ever find the solution? – Stijn Geukens Nov 24 '11 at 13:35
its been a while since I messed with this but I believe I just had a cached value in my IDE. once I shutdown and restarted the IDE it worked fine with no changes. – peekay Nov 28 '11 at 2:49

It's not possible with Spring 2.0.x in xml:

XML style is more limited in what in can express than the @AspectJ style: only the "singleton" aspect instantiation model is supported, and it is not possible to combine named pointcuts declared in XML

6.4.2. @AspectJ or XML for Spring AOP

It is however possible in Spring 3.0.x:

When combining pointcut sub-expressions, '&&' is awkward within an XML document, and so the keywords 'and', 'or' and 'not' can be used in place of '&&', '||' and '!' respectively. For example, the previous pointcut may be better written as:

   <aop:aspect id="myAspect" ref="aBean">

    <aop:pointcut id="businessService" 
      expression="execution(**.*(..)) and this(service)"/>
    <aop:before pointcut-ref="businessService" method="monitor"/>


Spring 3 aop

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