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I'm building an application with the following blocks:

Android - Client Side, Java Servlets - Sever Side, Facebook app - used in order to authenicate users and work with their data.

My Problem is the following: I would like to authenticate my users via facebook (such as a request sent from the android client using facebook-android-sdk to facebook) but then I would like to send requests to my server (which is implemented by servlets) and to validate somehow that the user sending the request is authenticated to facebook and my application.

So these are the steps:

user X is authenicated to facebook and my facebook app using facebook-android-sdk. X is sending a request to my server

As for the server, I would only like to know it's a proper user which is working with me, I don't need the server to perform any Graph API requests.

How can I know that X is valid in my server? The authentication was performed on client side in that case.

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So you have: Facebook - Android Application - Your web server. And your web server needs to know that you are the Facebook user you are presenting. The problem is that you can not trust the Android client for any data it gives to you.

I solved the problem like this:

  1. Authenticate user to Facebook from Android application,
  2. Get the FB auth token to the android app,
  3. Forward the authentication token & facebook UID from Android to web server,
  4. On web server, make Facebook API call with the submitted token.

If the Facebook API call from web server returns valid authentication, and the user id is equal to the one submitted by Android application, your server can trust the id (& you can be sure that the Android authentication real)

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Sorry I don't have the answer, I'm in the exact same boat as you are. I guess you could have some sort of authentication between the server and your handheld that's not related to facebook. And then since you know your handheld is already authenticated, you could trust that the handheld and the server are ok... sorry, rambling a bit, haven't had my 8th coffee yet this morning.

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