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Hi everyone i have been learning to develop websites for a couple of months now and so far I have managed to get a hang of HTML/CSS/Javascript(jQuery)/PHP/MySQL.I have only one problem I suck at designing witch kind of criples the look of my sites.

Can anyone recomend me a book or a website that teaches the principles of designing or more specific the principle of web designing(mixing colours , using fonts ,layouts etc.)?

I should mention that I'm prety handy with Photoshop 2 but from what i've read Adobe Illustrator woud be more recomended because it's vector based.Should I stick to Photoshop or learn Illustrator for designing websites?

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Some basic principles are: Contrast - Repetition - Alignment - Proximity. These CRAP principles will give you a good start if you use a search enginge (I'm absolutely not positioned to explain them well enough).

Edit: I do have experience with one book "teaching" them: For the price I would recommend it. It's a light read and will improve your basic design skills. After reading it you will also notice these principles used in the better designed sites around.

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I gather the best approach is to look at sites on-line. Find sites you like, or are popular and "view source" in your browser to see how they do it. Perhaps compare with sites that you consider to be clunky. Perhaps even, try and redesign a clunky site using other's design techniques.

You can also use tools like Fiddler to "sniff" network traffic between your browser and the server to get an idea of what sort of messaging is going on.

Other than that, it's down to flair with graphics and knowing what your audience want. Got to admit though, I'm no expert.

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