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I have the following array:

    $this->uploaders = array(
        'yt' => 'Youtube',
        'hl' => 'Hulu',
        'fd' => 'Funny or Die'

In my script the following:

substr($uploader->external_id, 0, 2);

will always return either 'yt', 'hl' or 'fd'. I need to do a check to see which one it matches and return the value from the above array.

For example if substr($uploader->external_id, 0, 2) returned "yt" I need it to return "Youtube". How can this be done?

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I think you're looking for:

$type = substr($uploader->external_id, 0, 2);
$longName = $this->uploaders[$type];

$longName will contain 'Youtube' if substr($uploader->external_id, 0, 2) contains 'yt'

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The simplest way is:

echo $this->uploaders[ substr($uploader->external_id, 0, 2) ];
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