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Is there a way to set an environment variable directly in a crontab on solaris?

The behavior i want is for each script in my crontab to know a specific environment variable. I want to avoid creating a setupEnvironment.sh script that all my scripts have to call.

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Yes no problem, i.e.

59 23 31 12 * { var="value" ; export var ;  /path/2/myProgram "${var}" ; }  > /tmp/myProgLogFile.txt 2>&1

OR (similar idea with ${var} now used being 'passed in the environment' of myProgram )

59 23 31 12 * { var="value" ; export var ; myProgVar="${var}" /path/2/myProgram ; }  > /tmp/myProgLogFile.txt 2>&1

These are slightly exaggerated examples. The key point being that you need to export var for it to be visible to any sub-processes that are being launched by the process group(er) ( { ... ; } ) ... (Note that the closing ';' before the closing '}' is mandatory and that the error message if this is missing will not help you figure it out ;-) )

This is true for solaris and other old-line unixen where the /bin/sh is the borne shell (and not bash).

I hope this helps.

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* * * * * FOO=BAR your-command

should do it; it will invoke your-command with the environment variable $FOO set to "BAR". You'll have to do this for each command in your crontab; I don't think there's a way to do a global setting.

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