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When you create a repository on GitHub, you can optionally create a description of the repository. Unfortunately, I wrote a description that no longer adequately describes the code in the repo.

How do I change the repo description?

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They changed the looks slightly, no need to hover, its always visible.

enter image description here

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For a github newcomer like me, this was the most confusing accepted solution I've ever seen. According to me, 1) Hovering (where?) doesn't do anything related at all. 2) The addon on the screenshot is unrelated. I bet the screenshot intends to point out the "- Edit" suffix, which acts as a button. It's obvious enough that newcomers wouldn't go searching and land on this question, so the reason you did land here, is: 3) It's not always visible, as noted by Sergio in the comment above. It appears only after adding to the initially created repository (or something like that). – Stein Jan 7 at 0:28
Thanks @Stein if you can modify that screenshot and update that would be nice. Maybe blur out the text, and draw an arrow at the "Edit" – Noitidart Jan 7 at 3:55
Something like this - ? – Noitidart Jan 7 at 4:03
Sure @Noitidart, that new image is a splendid way to eliminate one source of confusion. – Stein Jan 7 at 15:40
Cool, updated in the main post – Noitidart Jan 7 at 20:04

Click on the Edit that comes when you hover your mouse over the description and project url section

enter image description here

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They need to change this. The fact I had to turn to Stack Overflow for the answer is shocking. Thanks – Adam Waite Nov 5 '12 at 12:13
apparently the description only appears in the details of the project if the project is not empty !. I had to commit something before being able to change it. – Sergio Feb 8 '13 at 15:50
Ya that was the most confusing part, I was creating a bunch of empty repos for moving a few projects over >< – Clarence Liu Mar 24 '14 at 22:34

When you hover over the existing description, an Edit button will appear at the far left.

enter image description here

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