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I am using Twilio to make calls to my clients to remind them of certain dates. Since some people dont pick up these calls, I would like to make my Twilio leave a voice message on their answering machines.

Is that possible? If yes how?


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From the RestAPI docs about the IfMachine parameter:

If Twilio detects that a machine, not a human, has answered the call, Twilio will make a request to your application URL setting 'AnsweredBy' to 'machine'. The call flow will proceed as normal, and your application can choose to customize the content of the call for a recorded greeting. Twilio will wait until the familiar "BEEP" of an answering machine to begin executing your call flow, so the machine (or voicemail) will capture <Play> or <Say> content. Keep in mind that if a machine answers you'll want to avoid using <Gather> or <Record> because they require user input.

Also note:

Answering machine detection is an experimental feature, and support is limited.

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Seems to work well with my voicemail system. Thanks! –  jocull Dec 4 '11 at 18:52

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