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I have a page called "shopping_cart_qry.cfm", that does a series of SELECT queries from various tables. It extracts data and populates a single structure called shopping. This structure contains around 50 parameters, like:


I only need 15 out of the 50 parameters (shopping.item_name , shopping.item_cost, etc) for a different task. So I am calling "shopping_cart_qry.cfm" as <cfinclude> in a new file named "item_info.cfm".

In this file when I do an <cfdump> of the structure, I see all 50 parameters, including the 15 parameters I need. But when I try to assign new names to the 15 parameters I need like this:

    <cfset itemName = "shopping.item_name">
    <cfset itemCost = "shopping.item_Cost">
    <cfset itemDt   = "shopping.item_Dt">

And then use <cfdump> to see I was able to do successfully, I am seeing the variable names (itemName, itemCost, etc..) but no values.

    <cfdump var="#shopping.item_name#">
    <cfdump var="#shopping.item_Cost#">
    <cfdump var="#shopping.item_Dt#">

Should I use <script>?

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You should remove the quotation marks, ex:

<cfset itemName = shopping.item_name>

See Adobe docs on cfset.

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