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i am embedding a video using Quick time in website and it starts to play automatically upon loading page.

Here is the code embed video.

<iframe SRC="${signedVideoURL}&autoStart=false" TYPE="image/xmacpaint"PLUGINSPAGE="https://www.apple.com/quicktime/download"QTSRC="${signedvideoURL}&autoStart=false" WIDTH="480" HEIGHT="297" AUTOPLAY="false" CONTROLLER="true" SCALE="ToFit"> </iframe>

Browser - Safari 5.1.1

I have also tried passing parameter autoplay=0, that didnot work either. Can any one suggest how to stop this autoplay?


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I'm not 100% sure of this but try it anyway (if its not the true answer, it shouldn't be far from it): put the argument autoplay=false in the src String of the iframe youtube video tag. Append it as usual with the & character.

Hope this helps

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Add &autoplay=0 to your url

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In many web video embed links there's a WID parameter, or WIDgetid parameter. This parameter set to "1" will result in autoplay. If the WID parameter (or WIDgetid, or WIDid, or etc) is set to 2, then it will not autoplay.

This is a part of the URL, and since you're using a variable signed video URL, you'll need to scan & replace the incoming variable as a string. It's worth making multiple passes, so a pseudo solution might go something like:

    "WID=1" appears anywhere in the URL;
    "WIDgetid=1" appears anywhere in the URL;
    "WIDid=1" appears anywhere in the URL;
    Take all instances of "1" in that portion of that string and replace them with "2".
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