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So if I have:

>  g<-c(1,5,2,4,6)
> names(g)<-c("josh","daniel","john", "luke", "bill")
> g
  josh daniel   john   luke   bill 
     1      5      2      4      6 
> g[c("john", "daniel", "bill")]
  john daniel   bill 
     2      5      6 

Is it possible to return the values as they are originally ordered in g, i.e. (daniel then john then bill) WITHOUT using a sort function?

Thanks! -Josh

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I changed your title to better describe your situation; if you really meant for this question to address matrices, feel free to edit it back, but you should probably add some examples that actually use matrices. –  joran Oct 13 '11 at 18:18

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%in% will do this for you:

> g[names(g) %in% c("john", "daniel", "bill")]
daniel   john   bill 
     5      2      6 
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