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In my javascript am trying to

  • 1) make a new li tag
  • 2) make a new a (anchor tag)
  • 3) append the anchor tag to li tag
  • 4) set the text for anchor tag (so that someone can click on it)
  • 5) set onClick event function for anchor tag (to be called when click is made in 4))
  • 6) append the li tag to a div

    And here is my code :

    var newLi = document.createElement('li');
    var newA = document.createElement('a');
    newA.innerText = "Go here";
    newA.onClick = function(){
                          // do something here

    Obviusly it is not working and all I see is Just the bullets(as below) on my page with no text and clickable text (for anchor tags) <li> <li>

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    It probably isn't the reason, but the property is called onclick, not onClick. It's more likely that the problem is that innerText is IE-specific. What browser are you working in? –  lonesomeday Oct 13 '11 at 19:05
    Incidentally, an li is an invalid child of a div element; it can, so far as I know, only be (validly) placed within an ol or ul. –  David Thomas Oct 14 '11 at 8:07

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    just use innerHTML instead of innerText

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    I'd suggest using .innerHTML in place of .innerText, and ideally creating a function:

    function listLinks(listId, url,text){
        var linkList;
        if (document.getElementById(listId)) {
            linkList = document.getElementById(listId);
        else {
            linkList = document.createElement('ul');
        var newA = document.createElement('a');
        newA.innerHTML = text;
        newA.href = url;
        newA.onclick = function(){
            this.style.color = '#f00'; // or whatever...
            return false;
        var newLi = document.createElement('li');
    // call as:

    JS Fiddle demo.

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