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I have the following xml:

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<PurchaseOrder xmlns="">
  <ShipTo Name="Eric J. Smith">
    <Line1>123 Test Dr.</Line1>
      <ItemName>Item #1</ItemName>
      <Description>Item #1 Description</Description>
      <ItemName>Item #2</ItemName>
      <Description>Item #2 Description</Description>

I have the following codesmith template:

    <%@ XmlProperty Name="MyPurchaseOrder" Schema="PurchaseOrder.xsd" Default="SamplePurchaseOrder.xml" %>

            Name: <%= MyPurchaseOrder.ShipTo.Name %>
            Line1: <%= MyPurchaseOrder.ShipTo.Line1 %>
            City: <%= MyPurchaseOrder.ShipTo.City %>
            State: <%= MyPurchaseOrder.ShipTo.State %>
            Zip: <%= MyPurchaseOrder.ShipTo.Zip %>
        OrderDate: <%= MyPurchaseOrder.OrderDate %>
            <% for (int i = 0; i < MyPurchaseOrder.Items.Count; i++) { %>
            <%= i %>:
                ItemName: <%= MyPurchaseOrder.Items[i].ItemName %>
//Here I need to traverse to the parent and print the City
                Description: <%= MyPurchaseOrder.Items[i].Description %>
                UnitPrice: <%= MyPurchaseOrder.Items[i].UnitPrice %>
                Quantity: <%= MyPurchaseOrder.Items[i].Quantity %>
                LineTotal: <%= MyPurchaseOrder.Items[i].LineTotal %>
            <% } %>
        SubTotal: <%= MyPurchaseOrder.SubTotal %>
        ShipCost: <%= MyPurchaseOrder.ShipCost %>
        TotalCost: <%= MyPurchaseOrder.TotalCost %>

As I loop through the Items, I need to print the Address' city. In essence, how do I traverse to the parent (or a parent's parent)?

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Change this line in your example:

//Here I need to traverse to the parent and print the City

to this:

<%= MyPurchaseOrder.ShipTo.City %>

Since all of the 'paths' you are using are absolute (i.e. starting from MyPurchaseOrder), it should be possible to use an absolute path in this case (you don't need to navigate up to parent nodes).

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This was an example I came up with that I now realize doesn't mimic the actual problem at hand. I do not have the absolute paths, so what I have is var item = MyPurchaseOrder.Items[i]; and I am passing item to another method where I need to get the City property of the parent. Sorry for the confusion. – Nick Oct 14 '11 at 17:52

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