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I am running the cleartool subcommand diffbl -versions between two baselines. But the output looks different depending on the view I am running the command from. The difference is in the path name of the elements. For example the same file my_filemane located in /vobs/my_component/my_directory/my_subdirectory/ as seen by two views on two streams my_stream_1 and my_stream_2 shows path names:


In the fist case its easy to determine the location of the file, is there was no version control, by taking the substring between /vobs/ and @@. Is there any easy way (a cleartool subcommand maybe) to find the same from the second case?

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The difference comes from the visibility of the file within the view from which you are doing the diffbl.

Considering the extended pathname from the second path mentions:


, your best move is to redo said diffbl from a view associated with stream1 in order to get a simpler path for that particular file.
But anyway, since that file has no version in stream2, it will always be displayed with a long and complicated extended pathname.

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