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I integrated c2dm in my application its working fine. once c2dm notification came i do some database operation so i need the context to create OrmLiteSqliteOpenHelper object.

OrmLiteSqliteOpenHelper lDatabaseHelper = OpenHelperManager.getHelper(context.getApplicationContext());

This is fine in normal cases.

Suppose if i force stop my application manually from settings-

application->manageapplication. if any c2dm message came after i am unable to create OrmLiteSqliteOpenHelper object. it seems application context getting null.

Exception : java.lang.IllegalStateException: Could not find OpenHelperClass because none of its generic parameters extends OrmLiteSqliteOpenHelper: null

How do i get the application context after force stopping the application.

i tried all cases: context.getApplicationContext() , context, this.

Please help me .

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2 Answers

It might solve your problem if you explicitly tell OrmLite the name of your databasehelper class.

To do this, open res/values/strings.xml, and add

<string name="open_helper_classname">your.full.package.name.DatabaseHelper</string>

( http://ormlite.com/javadoc/ormlite-core/doc-files/ormlite_4.html paragraph 5)

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force the application to take a snapshot of its current state before close and reload the snapshot on loadup. You can even configure a dialogue box to select to not open up the snapshot.


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Thanks panda, I am new android can you tell how to do it. or sample code might helpful. –  user994192 Oct 13 '11 at 19:53
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