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I know that one of the biggest differences between CouchDB and MongoDB is that Couch uses a REST interface. I've installed Mongo without any other libraries, and the mongod service provides a --rest command-line option.

Does the MongoDB REST interface do the same thing as CouchDB's? If not then what's it for?

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MongoDB does not use a REST interface for communications.

You will need to install a specific driver for you language. Just as you would for MySQL or SQL Server or most other databases.

The list of drivers are here.

The --rest option allows for you to run some basic queries and monitoring against the mongod process. It is not a full REST API.

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If you're interested in a REST API interface for MongoDB then check out the Sleepy.Mongoose project.

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Reason for this is that you started the database without the --rest option. To do this you can start the database from your MongoDB bin directory like "./mongod --rest".

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